Picture this

A world where every single person feels a sense of connection and belonging.

That’s why we’re here

We’re a national network of organisations who have come together to address the growing problem of loneliness in people living in Australia.

Coming together to combat loneliness

Connection is the most effective way to put a stop to loneliness. So it’s no surprise that Ending Loneliness Together is an incorporated body (and registered charity) created by a nationwide network of universities and industry partners. We’re working collaboratively to raise awareness of loneliness as an important social, health and economic problem – and to build the evidence base and tools to effectively solve that problem.

How we’re making change

Ending Loneliness Together has identified loneliness as a growing issue in Australia. There are four key ways we can make a difference.

We’ve made a promise

To bring people, community and government together to make connection and belonging a priority — and create effective solutions to combat chronic loneliness.

Our aim for the future

To reduce chronic loneliness in Australia by half by 2030.


Our Board

  • Secretariat
    Nick Tebbey


  • Treasurer
    Kevin Cheung


  • Chairperson
    Dr Michelle Lim


  • Vice Chairperson
    Professor Jo Badcock

    Vice Chairperson

  • Board Member
    Karn Nelson

    Board Member

  • Board Member
    Fay Mound

    Board Member

  • Board Member
    Katherine Newton

    Board Member

  • Board Member
    Heath Ducker

    Board Member

  • Board Member
    Jennie Sager

    Board Member

  • Board Member
    Sharon Grocott

    Board Member

Our Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Scientific Chair
    Dr Michelle Lim

    Scientific Chair

  • Deputy Scientific Chair
    Professor Jo Badcock

    Deputy Scientific Chair

  • Member
    Professor Lisa Brophy


  • International Member
    Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad

    International Member

  • Member
    Professor Ben Smith


  • Member
    Professor Cathy Mihalopoulos


  • Member
    Dr Lidia Engel


  • Member
    Professor Catherine Haslam


  • Member
    Dr Sarah Wright


  • Special Advisor
    Professor Alex Brown

    Special Advisor

  • Member
    Professor Manuela Barreto


  • Member
    Professor Pamela Qualter


Our Advisory Group

  • Chair
    Professor John Pollaers OAM


  • Bolton Clarke
    Professor Judy Lowthian

    Bolton Clarke

  • Medibank
    Karen Oldaker


  • AIA Australia
    Simonie Fox

    AIA Australia

  • Frasers Property Australia
    Anthony Boyd

    Frasers Property Australia

Our Staff

  • Engagement Lead
    Marge Jackson

    Engagement Lead

  • Communications Consultant
    Danielle Cuthbert

    Communications Consultant

  • Trainer
    Dr Robert Eres


  • Strategic Partnerships Lead
    Josh Lambert

    Strategic Partnerships Lead

Our Partners

We partner with incredible organisations across health, social and economic sectors to bring our mission to life.


Foundational Partners

Life Insurer Partner

Property Industry Partner