Lived and Living Experience

Lived experience is at the heart of everything we do.

By integrating the voices of people with experience of loneliness across different contexts, ages, and stages of life, we can better design and deliver more relevant solutions.

Listening and learning from people’s lived experience deepens understanding of the issue of loneliness in our community so we can effectively reduce stigma and improve the quality and relevance of loneliness research and practice. It also gives people who have experienced, or are experiencing loneliness the opportunity to contribute to their community in a meaningful way

Research capacity building

Lived Experience Advisory Panel

The Ending Loneliness Together Lived Experience and Advisory Panel (LEAP), is comprised of people with diverse experiences of loneliness across the life course. Their unique values, experiences, and perspectives inform how we generate knowledge and resources. The role of LEAP is to guide research and practice planning, design, evaluation, and implementation, as well as provide opportunities for people experiencing loneliness to impact meaningful insights and outcomes.

Key responsibilities:

LEAP members have an active role in our activities by:

  • Critically evaluating ideas and aims with a user or lived experience perspective.
  • Contributing to research methods and the implementation of key findings.
  • Advising on policy initiatives and further research needs.
  • Ensuring the “Lived Experience” perspective is considered in research design, findings and resources.

Lived Experience

Expressions of interest for 2023

We are seeking the unique values, experiences, and perspectives of people who have experienced loneliness and social isolation to inform our work.

Please note that due to a large number of applicants for our Lived Experience Advisory Panels (LEAP) we are have currently closed applications. We continue however to seek expressions of interest for one or more of the below:

  • Special Interest Groups
  • Media spokespeople
  • Sharing of personal stories
  • Potential research participants

We seek to remunerate for time attending and preparing for meetings, such as LEAP as set out by the Australian Government Remuneration Tribunal Determination for holders of part-time public office.

Some activities are seen as voluntary, for example participating in research.


To apply, please complete the online questionnaire