Programs to improve social wellbeing

Delivering tools to increase prosocial behaviours, meaningful engagement with others and social confidence.

In collaboration with our Scientific Chair Dr Michelle Lim, Ending Loneliness Together has designed a series of tailored seminars, workshops and programs to address loneliness.

For workplaces

Connected at Work Seminar

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way we work, increasing dependence on remote working and adding new challenges and barriers to our ability to connect. Workplace loneliness can lead to poorer job performance and satisfaction, lower organisational commitment, and reduced creativity. By the end of this one-hour seminar, you will gain the practical information and strategies to understand and develop stronger social ties with your colleagues, despite being physically apart.

For services

Addressing Loneliness
in Services Workshop

Loneliness is costly to services and increases service utilisation across industries. Now is the time to be innovative and move beyond simply addressing social isolation in service provision.

Drawing on the latest research on loneliness in Australia, a Conceptual Model of Loneliness is used as a tool to help service providers offer targeted social care. By the end of this two-hour workshop, you will gain the skills and confidence to tailor your service to address loneliness, including identifying individual needs, preferences and access to resources, risk factors, and tiered solutions.

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