Imagine a world where everyone feels a sense of connection and belonging.

Chronic loneliness is one of the most pressing health, social and economic issues affecting Australia’s communities today.

We’re here to raise awareness around loneliness — while uncovering evidence and building tools that make a lasting difference.

Who We Are

A national network of organisations who’ve come together to address the growing problem of loneliness in people living in Australia.

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One Thousand Voices

I guess everyone’s just looking for a connection. I know it’s not easy, working on yourself. Really try to work on the connections you have with the people who actually care about you.

Daniel, 27
One Thousand Voices

Lonely is something that’s there because of a voice, a loss. I miss my husband every day. It’s not something I can dismiss. But it gives you a new level of comfort. Knowing how many people have gone through the same thing and come out the other side okay.

Carol, 73
One Thousand Voices

We are social beings, we have emotions. We were given emotions to feel. You should feel those things. You know, there are people who are feeling the same thing as you. Maybe you can do something about it, together.

Ade, 27
One Thousand Voices

Bridging out of loneliness takes guts. I think this would all be a lot easier if we were all a lot kinder to one another. If people could learn to empathise more with each other. I think we’d be better at understanding why people feel the way they do.

Max, 21

How can I help?

1 in 4 Australian adults are lonely. We think it’s time for that to change. Taking an informed response to loneliness driven by the latest research has the potential to help individuals, communities and all of society to connect. With your help, we have the opportunity to lead efforts to end loneliness, together.